Rectangular connector

Rectangular connectors are selected to
maximize the number of contacts possible in a
restricted space. However, rectangulars are not
as easily sealed against fluid damage and other
environmental hazards. Spring style rack/panel
couplings as well as standard jackscrew fasteners
are both common coupling styles in rectangular
Both circulars and rectangulars can
accommodate multiple contact types including
power or high-voltage contacts, signal contacts,
coaxial and triaxial contacts, or fiber-optic termini.
High reliability contacts are usually made from gold
plated, copper alloy material. Large diameter power
contacts and solder type contacts may be either
gold or silver plated copper alloy.
Crimp style contacts are preferred for all
aerospace and other high-reliability applications
(except those requiring a hermetic seal) due to their
relative ease of assembly and maintenance. Solder
type contacts are usually selected when cost is the
primary consideration and repairability secondary.
Solder type contacts are also used in hermetic
Installation of both crimp and solder type
contact connectors requires unobstructed working
room behind the connector. Rear release crimp
contacts require additional working room to install
the extraction tool to remove the contact. Another
important design feature of crimp type contact
connectors is the connector insert wire sealing
grommet. The grommet provides moisture sealing
around each individual wire.